Sarath Ramakrishna

Top Essential Tech Under ₹250 !! #1

Hey whatsup guys I am Sarath here, in this video I will featuring the Top 5 Essential Tech under 250, so before starting all the gadgets which are featured will be linked next to the post,  make sure to check it out, so with that being said let’s get started.



OTG Adapter:

Starting off with an adapter, this is a micro usb to USB OTG adapter, which is really small and you can use this to connect your mouse, keyboards directly to your phone and also you can connect your pendrives, hard disk and other storage devices and browse files from your phone and even you can charge your phone from other phones.
To know more about the uses of OTG Jay kapoor has already made a video on it, so make sure to watch  ( . As It just costs around 100Rs which is really cheap and worthy. But as it’s really small there is a risk of it getting lost easily, So be carefull.


Mouse Pad:


Next up on the list is a Iron Man mouse pad, this funky printed mouse pad from clap cart make our list as they costs only around 100. Now this mouse pad have heavy rubber base and they are 3mm in terms of thickness so there is a lot of grip on the bottom so it would never slip or move when you are use them. On the top it has a robust cloth which has got fairly decent print though it’s not the best but it would definitely feel smooth and also the color is really nice it will add some look to desk setup.


USB Hub:


The Third one on the lists is a USB Extender, the thing which makes it special is, it accepts and read not only three usb drives like pen drive but also it can read memory cards like microsd and mmc memory stick at the same time as it has four of them and also this is powered by USB 2.0 so you can get average speed of around 11 to 12MB per second of read and write speeds depending on the memory card or the usb drive that you are using.


WiFi Receiver:


Next up on the list is a Wifi receiver, This 300Mbps portable mini wireless USB adapter allows you to connect PC to a wireless network and access high-speed Internet connection. It costs around 200 and It’s just a plug and play like adapter, I just plugged it into my PC and it works seamlessly. I got speeds around 50 MBps which is really great considering its price. And also it Supports wireless roaming technology for high-efficient wireless connections.


VR Headset:

The last one for this episode is a VR Headset, And I am sure that you would be already knowing its uses VR Gaming, VR Videos. The only reason this gadget is on the list is because of its cheap price it sells at, it just costs slightly above 250rs as the price fluctuates regularly. By far this is one of the comfortable VR headset I have used till date. The kind of padding encourages you to use it for long hours and without having headaches which cheap vr cardboard would cause.






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