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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review : Class in Budget !

Xiaomi’s Redmi line up has been pretty much consistent and ruling the Indian Budget smartphone market for over 3 years now. One year back ,the Redmi Note 3, which has a insane sales report of about 2.3 million device sold in India claims the Chinese manufacturer. Spicing up, they have launched the redmi note 4 later this year. With some minor changes in its design and step down from snapdragon 650 to 625. So will it be a worthy upgrade from its previous redmi note line up ? Let’s find it out here.

I have been using this Redmi Note 4, Black color variant with 64 gigabytes of on board storage and 4 gigabytes of ram for roughly about 1 month now, Now I got a better idea about the device and let me share my overall experience with you guys.



Starting off with the display,This time, the smartphone has a 2.5D curved glass on the front and a bit of curved edge on the back similar to Mi5. The display itself is one of the best you can find on a smartphone for this price range. Colours do pop with accuracy and has decent viewing angles. Also night mode and adaptive brightness features comes in handy. The display gets really dim while using it in night and also it gets bright while using it in outdoors. As it sports a 2.5D glass on the front it makes the device more pleasure to use and feels smooth to touch. But there is no kind of glass protection on top, so I request you to install tempered glass on top of it, as it can’t withstand minor drops too.


Design and Build Quality:

The design and build quality is absolutely amazing for the price. The Redmi note 4 is roughly the same size as its predecessor but the design has been significantly altered. The device now feels incredibly light and thin while holding in the hand compared to the note 3 because of its tapered edges. Taking a look at other design elements, It has hybrid sim slot on the left, it accepts either 2 sims or 1 sim with a micro scheme card, which is not a problem for me since I have 64 GB of storage and no use of micro sdcard. And also speaker is faced downwards and the sound output is decent Talking about sound, the call quality is top notch,I have tested with networks like jio, air tel and Vodafone , both ends have no problems hearing. Overall design and build quality of the device is pretty neat.


Battery :

Coming to the battery, this is one of the main selling point of the device.It rocks huge 4100mah battery inside. Even though, the redmi note 3 had the same battery, the company company claims this can deliver you up to 20% extra battery life, which is really insane and beats most flagship phones as it gives around 8-9 hours of screen on time on moderate usage. And that’s the reason why they have opted for the 625 instead of 650. But the only concern about the battery is the slow charging, charging time is really slow, it takes around 2 & ½ to 3 hours to fully charge which is kind of digging, though you can’t expect everything to be good in the price point.


Performance and Gaming:

Performance is great for the price but you can’t expect flagship’s speed at this price range, there is no hiccups while doing multitasking and apps loading time is decent and also you can play any game available in the play store with ease. But while playing some high intensive games, it tends to heat up a bit which is normal. But to solve the problem I used to turn off my phone and turn it on back, after a while. it solves the problem. I think step down from 650 to 625 is a brave move by Xiaomi. The 625 and Adreno 510 GPU helps to perform day to day tasks really well for its price.



People these days buys new smartphone for the camera that too specifically for selfies. This Device sports 13 Megapixel rear facing and 5MP front-facing camera.But the Redmi Note 4 doesn’t offer that kind camera quality you expect. Its decent in out door situations with some bokeh effect in the background. But in indoor and low light situations it struggles a lot. It can shoot full HD video but the quality is not up to the mark. So, if you are a selfie freak and you take more +photos in low light this phone is not your choice better go with honor 6x or coolpad cool1.


IR Blaster:

The most underrated feature in a smartphone is IR blaster, its lies on the top and its works like a charm. You can control your Televisions , Air conditioners, and much more with the in-built Mi Remote app or you can also download third party apps. Which in my case is peel app, it has some additional functionalities compared to the stock app. So IR blaster is a great addition to the device.


Fingerprint Sensor:

Taking a look at back, it has “Always Active” fingerprint sensor which is not a physical button but  works pretty fast and accurate. Also works with wet hands in my usage.

Thats pretty much about the hardware features, Now let me talk about software.


MIUI Features:

Although MIUI is heavily skinned version of android, it packs some nifty features which you will only appreciate once using it. One of my favourite feature is theme support, it has tons and tons of themes in its store which you can play with. The only concern is about the slow updates, still it runs on marshmallow which is a shame on Xiaomi. But it offers many cool software features, which I like to feature in my next video so stay tuned for that.


Rooting and Custom ROMS:

Another biggest addition is, rooting doesn’t void warranty which is kind of cool for developers out there. And you can swap for custom ROMs and also there is online MI Community where you can find people with solutions to your phone’s problems and find links and instructions for custom ROMs.


Mi Protect:

Mi Protect is a great addition to your device, it costs less than 500 ( varies for devices ) which covers accidental and liquid damage and also offers free home pickup and drop and free second servicing within 1 year of activation.


Pricing and storage:

Talking about availability, In India, Xiaomi runs flash sale on and flipkart every week, which is not a great idea and it’s really very difficult to buy the phone. But luckily, xiaomi also has collaborated with offline stores across india to sell their devices and my own device was bought from poorvika from my nearby store which costs me 500rs extra. Redmi note 4 ‘s retail base model comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage and retails for Rs9,999. Unless you’re a basic smartphone user, you might want to skip it and go for the other variant with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage that is available for Rs10,999. Of course, if you don’t mind spending more, picking up the top variant with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage for Rs12,999 .They offer 64GB for just 13k which no others can provide.



Redmi Note 4 has pretty much nailed in all the departments for its price except the camera, but no phone is perfect. Its down to you to choose your smartphone. Overall Redmi Note 4 is worthy upgrading from Redmi note 3 as per opinion.



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